Wednesday, November 18, 2009

at last school camping revived..2days 1night camping

2days 1 night Camping at SKSV

date: 30-31 oct 2009 (fri-sat)

The aim was to build leadership skill towards independence & self-confidence and to teach the basics of group skills for bettter social mannerism and survival.
Our 12 special students ,3 teachers ( our boss kak nani, ustaz farhan & myself) and sofia (PPM) were there as campers.

i) to set up tent camping
iii)indoor games-finding name & making trail & train
iv)cooking meals
v)outdoor games- field adventures

We spent some quality time with our darlings by organizing group games and fun activities through this camping.I believed that we did very well and kept the activities and games simple but fun for our students to participate.This was their very first experience and they were very effective in learning survival task which included every individual no matter how severe their disabilities.THUMBS UP

It was throughly enjoyable day in the spirit of camp out;our students seemed to have great time at the school level camp.

Thanks also goes to students from Politeknik Sultan Azlan Shah that participate in the program and assist the boys and girls......

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