Saturday, May 30, 2009

Break begin No school;be relaxed...happpyy

Dear readers and commenters,

First,we must thank all the good wishes that are coming in;and the comments here.
"happy..relax.." is the general feeling after every friday..yesterday,the euphoria prevailed much longer as school break begin.But,unfortunately holidays were not holidays for me n paan as we have started course in this holiday at maktab....and its sure gonna taking all our holiday time;presure.but, love it.Hope, from here, that the path is only upwards....... in life and career that is!big sigh!
So..we wil be inactivate in these parts for a few more days...Until then.....So Loooong...

Have a great holiday;njoy this season with your family.
So lots up n coming yaar!!

"Godspeed to you Good people".

p/s: For now Life is beautiful vs busy;happy vs hectic.And moreover Joyful :) Coming soon... to this blogspot near you !!!:)

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